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John and I are so excited that you are checking out our site. We created this as a way for people to get to
know us a little more at their own convenience. At this time we are raising support to be able to report to
our assignment in Minneapolis, MN. We pray that you would be encouraged and drawn closer to Christ!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meagan's Testimony

In the spirit of helping you get to know us better, we wanted to share our testimonies of what God has done in our hearts and lives. We're posting Meagan's first, but be on the look out for John's soon!

     Meagan grew up with a Dad who was Mormon, but her mom brought them to a Methodist church. Her parents were divorced. Definitely a pull in two different directions, for sure. In 8th grade, while she was at the Methodist Church, the youth pastor shared how Jesus dramatically changed him from doing drugs, having sex with lots of women and being angry to Jesus making him a new person. 
      Meagan said that she only knew him as that godly man, and so through his transparency she was able to see her own sinful lifestyle. She wanted Jesus to change her the same way [Jesus] had changed this man. That was a start. 
      Meagan continued in her sin, though, not really turning from it. Meagan wishes so badly that she had had other christians in her life then that could mentor her, love her, and show her how to follow Jesus. There weren't any people, sadly, that she remembers that could do that. None of her family believed in Jesus. So she made up her own rules for living for Jesus. Sort of a grocery shopping religion; take the things you like and discard the things you don't. She was hungry for the things of God though.
 It wasn't until college, where God ordained her roommate to be a christian, that the tires hit the pavement. Her name was Annie. She didn't preach to Meagan. She only lived out her faith in front of Meagan. Meagan said, "I'm a christian . . . Annie's a christian, but our lives looked totally different." It was in her early college years that Meagan surrendered her life fully to Jesus.
In East Asia with 2 of my teammates.
Meagan was a part of Crusade during her college years and went on several mission trips. One was a 6 week long trip to Brazil, the other one was to East Asia, in which she took her senior year off of school to do something she didn't want to do, but knew God was pushing her to do. God did so many sweet things in Meagan's heart. Meagan ministered to students who had heard of Santa Claus, but not Jesus Christ. Still, God used Meagan to lead many girls to faith in Jesus. 
       She discipled them and was amazed at their zeal. She shares a story of how a girl went back to her village during a college break and shared the Gospel with 13 people, yet was really sad. When asked why, she said, "Only 12 of them received Jesus." They are desperate to hear the gospel, and are so open to hearing about it.
It is Meagan's desire to find the girls who want to know Jesus and to be their mentor; to love them, teach them, and do life with them so that she would help raise those women to love the Lord. It is sad when people's hearts are hungry, but no one initiates those sort of relationships.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Central Baptist Mission's House

As of September, we have been graciously allowed the use of the Central Baptist Church Mission's House! We are so thankful for how God has answered our prayers for housing while we raise our funds for our ministry. Upon arrival at the house, we started to wonder if we'd strayed into an episode of Extreme Home Makeover where Ty Pennington would jump out and say, "Hemingsons, welcome to your new home!!"

It has been wonderful to live here the last several months and have a place to call "home". This has been a perfect haven for our family as we've started making trips to Minnesota and Iowa to meet with people about our ministry.

Even Theoden adores exploring and discovering the house on his very mobile, albeit chubby legs! Now if only we could keep him from the fake trees in the corner...