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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Law of Nature

Today I (John) cracked a book that I could hardly understand two years ago, in the wording and complexity of sentences. After reading many books throughout our marriage I have become a much better reader and writer and am very pleased to see the progress I have made, and even more, to intake a portion of what this particular author wrote. C.S. Lewis is the author, and the book is Mere Christianity.

Lewis touched on the Law of Nature, the inborn awareness of Right and Wrong. What really caught my attention and will actually stay with me, is when he discusses those who do not believe in Right and Wrong, and think instead that it is more cultural than actually built into our thinking. I would ask the question, then where did the culture get it from.

These kinds of people wrongs his neighbor, and says that right and wrong is relative, yet out of the other side of their mouth demand that they be treated fairly in a similar situation. It is simply contradictory. They prove their own argument wrong by how they respond to injustice, with anger and revenge.

 The hardest part, is that we are those kinds of people, at least in some ways. Not that we do not believe in Right and Wrong, but we do not uphold this Law of Nature. We expect to be treated well, but in the same instance do not care about showing it. We are much more concerned only when our 'rights' are violated. We wrong someone and quickly think of excuses for those actions; we were tired, hungry, stressed, or had a bad day. However, when others do a similar act we are very strict in how we critique them. Could they have been tired, hungry, or possibly going through a trial that caused them to violate us? Absolutely not! Justice needs to be served and we will do it, yet we condemn ourselves for we do not look inside ourselves first, to realize that we do the same kinds of things. We point the finger, and really, it is pointing back at us. We lack correct judgement. Jesus judges correctly though.

 Living right and judging correctly is the problem we all fall short of, and a point Lewis makes is that if the reader does not have this problem he should probably set the book down, for the book is not for such people. It is for people who know they do not live up to the standard of living rightly, and that by judging themselves correctly, will, with God's help, leave the judging or critiquing of others to the Judge, the Son of God.

Father, give us the grace to understand and know well our own sin, to judge situations and people correctly so that we would please you and be able to give grace. Let us not judge, unless we would want to be judged in the same way. O Lord, what weighty words! Help us I pray. In Jesus Name, Amen

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