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John and I are so excited that you are checking out our site. We created this as a way for people to get to
know us a little more at their own convenience. At this time we are raising support to be able to report to
our assignment in Minneapolis, MN. We pray that you would be encouraged and drawn closer to Christ!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Leaving Staff...

This post is from our final prayer letter:

It is with bittersweet emotions that we write this final prayer letter to you. For the past year, we’ve been working hard at raising our funds while seeing very little progress as we waited to join our team in the Twin Cities. Throughout this process we made a conscious decision to trust the Lord for all of our needs and to look to Him to guide us continually. We believe that now is the time for us to trust God for this next phase of our lives and surrender our dream of living and serving in Minneapolis, MN.
Slow fundraising has not been the only thing that has prompted our decision. More importantly we’ve been waiting on God. Specifically, over the last two months we have been asking for God’s guidance and direction in extended times of prayer, reading the Bible, praise and worship, and through the wise council of other believers in our lives. John has felt that God has been prompting him in a few specific areas:
  • Consider the spiritual and emotional health of our family and marriage; to make it a top priority to love and lead us well.
  • To have our lives be Christ-centered instead of cause-centered; John has recognized a growing difference between his understanding of how ministry and fundraising should be done and the way in which Crusade would have us do it. This disparity is a larger reason as to why we are leaving staff.
  • Pursue more opportunities to serve in our church and grow with the body of believers already in our lives; including the development of a sound theology and doctrine for ministry.
We were so excited about joining the team and about living closer to our families. We’re sad it won’t be happening, but we do have a strong sense that we are following God’s leading in staying in Sioux Falls. This past year has been an incredible journey. We loved our new staff training and the theological training we received. We enjoyed serving as a family at Crusade’s winter conference, TCX, and have loved experiencing the incredible care and fellowship of the Crusade staff in Sioux Falls. 
It’s hard for us to see why God allowed the process and time-frame to be this way. Perhaps, God has been preparing us for something that we couldn’t envision. We trusted Him to lead us at the start of the journey and we’ll trust Him to lead even here at the end of this journey.
Questions and Answers:
What is next for you?
 John is currently painting houses with Select Painting and applying for jobs in Sioux Falls. Meagan is doing some cleaning with Shanela Cleaning and continues to stay at home with Theoden. Meagan has also applied for a Minister of Family Discipleship position at their local church. Please pray for God’s continued guidance and grace as we transition off staff. 
Will you still be involved in any way with Crusade? 
At this point in time we do not feel led to continue helping with Crusade in our area.
When should we discontinue our financial support? 
If you give electronically or with a recurring credit card gift, please contact 1-888-CRUSADE to have your monthly giving stopped (or assigned to a different staff family). If you give via check, just don’t send in your next check and you will be done. 
What if we want to continue by supporting another missionary with crusade?
We are leaving behind a number of friends and co-laborers who raise their own support. One couple in particular who are our good friends, the Odlands, are raising their initial support for MSU-Mankato. They are at 75% and their first baby is due in September. We would love to see them report at 100% by the end of the summer. If you feel led to support them please visit their website below or let us know and we’ll get you connected with them. 
College Staff in Mankato, MN: Matt & Kristen Odland (#0596739) http://theodlands.blogspot.com/
We are always available to answer any questions. 
If something above is not clear or if you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 605-595-8585 or e-mail us at john.hemingson@uscm.org 
with deep gratitude...
We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” one more time. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. Truly you have been teammates in ministry throughout this year and we value your friendship and ongoing prayer support. Our hearts are always filled with gratitude and encouragement when we think of you, 
John, Meagan, & Theoden